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Serving Skagit County

In Skagit County, Brandon's Bail Bonds provides service for the Mount Vernon Municipal Court, Burlington Municipal Court, and the Skagit County Jail. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us anytime. Call Brandon's Bail Bonds today at 425-339-1515.

There are absolutely no credit checks, and we do our best to make the bail bond process as hassle free as possible.

Securing Your Freedom

Brandon's Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping those who need it to secure 
their freedom. Based in the town of Everett, Washington, we cover the area of Western Washington. 

Individual Service

Our company stands out much more than other bail bond companies because we care about each of our clients as individuals as opposed to groups. Many innocent people are put in jail, and we realize they are deserving of assistance.
Bail bond

We Will Get You Through It

Bail bond companies are meant to help you secure your freedom, but many don't stick with their clients through difficult times. Here at Brandon's Bail Bonds, we say "If the Devil Made You Do It, We'll Get You Through It." 
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"Brandon's Bail Bonds is an excellent company to work with. While advising on other projects, I have personally witnessed this exceptional staff repeatedly go above and beyond to help out many people in their times of need. The staff at Brandon's goes out of their way to make the process smooth and help their clients feel comfortable, in what is most certainly an untenable and uncomfortable situation."

-Evan R.

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